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Exports of: high risk PS

nâng cao sức cạnh tranh của hạt điềuCashew export prices on world markets in recent days in September compared with the Increase, rising from 300 to 400 U.S. dollars to 4800 dollars per ton. However, this price is contained brilliant Increase risks for the exporters of this item.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), the main exporting countries of the world such as Vietnam, India and other countries in Africa have lost this season than the market can fall in raw material shortages.


Therefore recommended Vinacas Businesses have signed Contracts Shall be Delivered Quickly export to avoid damage When the price fluctuation as in 2008, while only sign Contracts Other Businesses Should Adequate resources while ensuring material.

Last year Many Businesses have been damaged When the contract with low prices to PS delivery time and distance delivery, the world price and Domestic raw materials has increased, causing heavy casualties brilliant Businesses suffer.

Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoc, General Director of Dong Nai Donafoods, the leading exporters in the country, getting the season's harvest this year to Vietnam can be very high soy lost season Because of bad weather this year. He predicts about 25% of the total area of nearly 400,000 hectares of low yield, less than 1 ton / hectare. This verb was not the ninth storm of the garden are doing a lot of influence in Central and Highland.

Currently a number of raw material for processing Enterprises Inventory by the factory not so much on the Domestic market has been Phenomenon of the Companies Compete to buy raw materials prices up 18 million tons of crude.

In the nine months of this year, the country has exported 131,000 tonnes of Cashew, turnover of 607 million, up 6% in volume turnover fell 3% PS over the Same period last year.

Currently due to shortage of raw materials Vinacas Forecast Should fourth quarter of this year the country exported 30.000 tons of extra things only. And with world market prices as the current year, the turnover reached only up to 800 million, less than 150 million dollars compared to last year.

The goal is to Vinacas of 2011, with both countries reached an area of 450,000 hectares with output of 500,000 tons harvested, along with the imported crude, processed for export will be around 200,000 tons of people to collect about $ 1 Billion USA.

Source: Industrial and Commercial Electronics

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