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Whether or not to export cashew processing technology?

One of the problems of this sector today is the shortage of raw materials and serious long we still have to import from African countries.

According to the Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS), from 2007 to present Vietnam has imported an average 200,000 tons per year of crude from abroad to serve the domestic processing industry, including West Africa and East Africa (including countries Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, ...) accounts for 80% yield.

The import of raw materials from Vietnam was inevitable by the output of raw cashew harvest only 60% meet the processing needs. From 2007 to present output of raw cashew harvest approximately 300,000 to 350,000 tons per year while the processing capacity of the enterprises up to 600,000 tons per year, in 2009 individual estimated 650,000 tons.

Earlier in September the past, in the port city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the African Union article (referred to as ACA) held the 4th annual meeting. Vietnam Cashew Association (VINACAS) participated with four members led by Mr. Nguyen Thai Hoc, Chairman VINACAS, as the director.

At the time you III/2009, when raw material reserves have been exhausted, cashew processing enterprises expected in Vietnam this trip VINACAS delegation will be looking for sources of raw material for East Africa in 2009 (approximately from October onwards) is of good quality and reasonable price, to settle the outstanding contracts of crude imports, or seek support for Vietnam enterprises purchase raw cashew rather than buying directly through many intermediaries as before (97% of the volume of imported crude was trading Vietnam through traders, brokers India, Singapore ...).

In the framework of the symposium, a member businesses VINACAS signed grant financing (BOT) a processing plant for the Ivory Coast has invested one million dollars for this project is expected help the pilot and the Ivory Coast of Africa to develop cashew processing technology "made in Vietnam."

On the other hand, in the MOU signed with the Association of African VINACAS interest focused support your proposed technology and equipment so they can be processed cashew nuts, such as Vietnam.

Comments on this, Mr. Nguyen Van Lang - Vice President VINACAS, that cashew processing technology Vietnam is not easy to exchange material.

Cashew processing technologies Vietnam is the "treasure", "secret team" for his contribution to the success of the domestic industry within 20 years, making the country a manufacturing sector processing of hundreds of years ago we went from surprise to surprise the other this. From where export of raw cashew nuts valued, Vietnam rose to become the country's processing of second world and the leading exporters of the world.

Processing technology of Vietnam is that not only countries with a long background processing such as India and Brazil, but also the community of nations has grown in Africa, which so far only concentrated export Export of crude, very interested. Since 2006, many of the survey team from India, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, ... have come to Vietnam to learn about the technology.

Over ten years ago, the issue of export cashew processing technology of Vietnam through Africa has also been set, but by having a backlash from the press and from many senior officials and people with meritorious this industry, intent on finally had to put aside.Ministry of Science - Technology and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has also agreed to dispatch no export of equipment and processing technology of Vietnam.

At the time, the Vietnam Cashew Association has affirmed that "the processing technology of Vietnam is that the owner is a branch of Vietnam."

Mr. Nguyen Van Lang alarming fact that in the future, once you grasp the processing technology may be partners in Africa would limit the sale of crude. On our part, without the raw materials processing industry of Vietnam with hundreds of thousands of workers will be stung, while output of raw only meet half the demand for processing.

Source: Industrial and Commercial Electronics

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